Dating dilemma teen

Solution: "Acknowledge that having two houses with different rules is confusing." Dr. To reduce confusion, he suggests making a list of behaviors that are okay and not okay for house in a family meeting.Have your kids help write the rules down and decide where to post them.If money is tight, you need to spend less everywhere--not just on the kids.This means fewer cappuccinos and holding off on getting the latest phone model.Solution: "This can be a great opportunity to teach your kids to value simple pleasures in life over material things," says Carole Lieberman, M.D., a psychiatrist and author in Beverly Hills, California.) and instead do something around the neighborhood.

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I don't want to burden her, but it's hard not to confide in her when she's the only one there to listen. But when you share your emotional burdens with your kids you are asking them to carry the weight of your fears, or insecurities on top of their own.

Dilemma: I get so jealous when I see my girlfriends who get to ask their husbands to fix the leaky faucet or take care of the kids when they are sick. Solution: When you need help, you have three options: Learn it, ask for help, or pay for it.

You may have no idea how to put oil in your car, but a quick search on You Tube can provide dozens of how-to videos.

And if that doesn't work, there's no shame in paying for it. Solution: "While your children are very young, especially from birth to five years, it may be easiest on you and your kids to hold off on serious dating until you have less immediate demands," Dr. "If you need occasional romantic socialization, causal dating once or twice per month will help to meet some of your emotional needs," he says.

Ask for handyman recommendations from your friends or social media contacts or check listings on Craigslist or Angie's List. If you have a shared custody arrangement, plan dates when your kids are at your ex's house or hire a babysitter.

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