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Coupled with recent developments in software aimed at the amateur, digital imaging now offers the photomicrographer capabilities for images that were not possible only a few years ago.

This article provides guidance on suitable types of digital camera, including webcams, compact fixed-lens cameras and digital SLRs and how to couple these cameras to a microscope.

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It is therefore the intent of this article to review the current capabilities and provide practical recommendations for recording digital images with the microscope.

Whilst it is not essential to have an understanding of how digital cameras work, a basic knowledge can be beneficial in making informed decisions regarding selection of a camera, and also in understanding why some post-capture image processing is necessary in photomicrography.

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This consists of an array of light-sensitive receptors, embedded into a microchip containing the wiring and circuitry necessary to record light levels captured from each receptor.

The receptors, termed pixels (an abbreviation of picture elements) generally consist of photodiodes embedded in a well.

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