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ending 2 is when the husband and Camille talk it out when he finds her fucking eric in the house and ending 2 will call group therpy which Lexie and Camile will have a 3some with the husband. is there a way to not have camille leave out the info that she is also going out to see Eric?Ending 3 is when you leave Camile for Lexi which i showed how to get it. "Camille not always is cheating on you - if you perform one desired by her action, she will stay faithful to you." - leonizer on every playthrough i have done, Camille tells you that she is going out with her girlfriends and allways leaves out the fact that she is also seeing Eric from work who apparantly calls her kitty and she allways says that she made sure that her husband would not suspect a thing wich means she intentionally left that info out.what you will prevent by getting her pregnant is that you wont come home early one day and find her in bed with Eric.but getting her pregnant does not prevent her from lying about "girls night out" she still does not tell you that she is also going to party with Eric and that she dressed up sexy for him. But that doesn`t even matter its still a great game. The girls they look wonderfull, the sound can`t comment i play with sound off, story well written.maybe she is not fucking eric but her behavior is still that of a cheater imo.also every ending that does not end with you still being with camille, ends with her dating eric so clearly there is something going on there. I love how both the girls look like and the story, Maybe a little bit too short, but definitely good.

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Even if you are completely faithful to her, she still meets up with Eric and goes out drinking. I feel like if she was faithful to Pierce, she wouldn`t bother going out at all. Its a good game and a positive one with a good range of endings and very enjoyable to play.

I can get off just looking at her beautiful face up close. If I could make it with only one of these stars, she'd be the one.

"if you get Camille pregnant she will not cheat on you, after ask for a quickie at hospital after she will say come home for a evening you wont forget in red lingerie dont cum in mouth ask here to stop have sex cum inside she will get pregnant and not cheat on you"rnrnwell it depends on what you define cheating as. It is very good game & storyline it is very difficult to cheat on wife because you love her dedicated your whole life to her... This was the very first erotic game I have ever played, and I`m glad I stumbled on a great one.

Ask her to describe the night.", "Ask her if you could stay here tonight".

Leave earlier to work: "Play some games" Leave office earlier: Camille`s Hospital: "Lick her nipple" Lexi`s apartment: "Ask for a blowjob".

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