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So I tried to just be myself and be as open as possible, and this is my story.I feel like a lot of people will be inspired by it and be able to relate to it, so it was just a matter of me just trying not to close the cameras out of what I am and who I am. But like I said, I’m probably going to inspire a lot of people and people will be able to relate to me as a Black woman, so I just want to be fully transparent.That’s why I say it takes you to be solid and whole and content with yourself.

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We have a tremendous amount of support from both sides of the family. One thing you said is that you were going to be transparent. But you will definitely see a lot of tears in this season. Obviously you can’t tell us much because we have to wait and watch.Of course, there’s dating apps, but I was very scared of the dating apps. Everybody moves at such a fast pace and we’re all so focused on working and doing what we have to do in everyday life that we actually forget about just going out and socializing with different people and networking. You work in a salon, you make wigs, you’re the first child of your mother in a big family. Do you think with all of the stuff you had to commit to and responsibilities you had, that you actually made the best effort to see what was out there before trying MAFS? I think I exhausted my options as far as the lengths that I wanted to go. So as far as the options I say I had as far as friends trying to connect me, I think I exhausted those options. You also have to be on television and that opens people up to scrutiny and all sorts of things.I didn’t do any dating apps, but if somebody decides on doing that, that’s on them. I come from a family of all girls and there’s no guys [laughs]. I was like, I do want to search further for love but I just don’t know where to go or how to start. What made you feel like, no matter what, this is something I want to do?Right, because people often assume there is a desperation involved and the parties aren’t whole or happy, but you say you were and that made you 100 percent ready for this experience. You grow with the person and you’re doing a lot of different things.So as much as you’re learning things about your partner, you’re also learning things about yourself.

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