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I saw Marcy, Steve and Ruth go into the living room. Now Dick pressed his full body against me and, with the moonlight, I saw Marcy and Steve going into a passionate grasp.Dick’s fingers teased my nipples and I knew I was hot.“We’ll just pick you up at your apartment at ,” the woman’s voice on the phone instructed me, “And that’s all there is to it, Tonia!”“OK,” I chuckled, “See you then.”The woman on the phone was Ruth, the wife of my boss, Dick.I still wasn’t sure if I had enough nerve to wear the dress, though. I had consulted Ruth on the gift that we were all giving to Dick and she seemed truly interested in me and my life.Time flew by and soon I was looking at myself in the full length mirror in my bedroom, “I don’t know if you should wear this…” I kept turning around and looking at how naughty my little 95 pound, five foot two and a half inch body looked in this silky dress. The doorbell rang and I scampered down the hall and opened it. Dick always said he didn’t talk shop at home, but she asked me some questions that indicated otherwise.My fingers seemed to move to his head and slip through his hair. His tongue flicked the fleshy folds of my pussy and then darted against the back of the opening.“Oh, Dick! I squirmed against the wall when he shoved at least two fingers into my opening. He parted my thighs and rammed his hard cock into my soggy pussy. I know he whispered some more dirty words and I probably said some too, but I was shocked when I felt something against my clit.I found myself working with him, my pussy fucking his fingers while he sucked on my clit. I wanted him so bad, I clinched my teeth with the impending score. I was just going to start rubbing it, in case Dick went too soon, when a hand moved mine away. ” I gasped, not sure how I felt about this, my hands moved to push her away.“Just let go,” Ruth’s soft voice instructed me, her hands pushing mine away.

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He gave me a taste of my own pussy as his tongue passed my lips. I shoved down the waistband of his boxer shorts and squeezed his erection. She did wonderful things to my clit, teasing it and tormenting my sweet little body into submission.“Fuck! I was at the edge and finally went over when Dick leaned back a little and shoved his thumb up my ass. Her thighs tightened up against the side of my face and she screamed loud enough for anyone in the house to hear, “Oh! ”She just returned the favor as her juices smeared across my face.

Dick calls me a brat because I love to tease him by wearing short skirts or something else, sexy, to work. ” Dick’s voice cracked, “You must be planning on getting raped tonight! ” I turned around quickly.“You may not make it out of your apartment! The party was in a separate room at a nice restaurant.

I know the other men watch me too, but he’s so much fun to tease. For some reason, Ruth wouldn’t leave my side and I sat next to her and Dick through the whole festivities.

Ruth seemed to be always near by and praising me for my help.

I kept my blazer on all night and no one other than Dick had seen the full effect, so to speak, of the dress.

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