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Unless otherwise permitted by this act, a delayed effective date for a document may not be later than the 90th day after the date on which it is filed.

If a document is determined by the Department of State to be incomplete and inappropriate for filing, the Department of State may return the document to the person or corporation filing it, together with a brief written explanation of the reason for the refusal to file, in accordance with s. If the applicant returns the document with corrections in accordance with the rules of the department within 60 days after it was mailed to the applicant by the department and if at the time of return the applicant so requests in writing, the filing date of the document will be the filing date that would have been applied had the original document not been deficient, except as to persons who relied on the record before correction and were adversely affected thereby.

The Department of State may propound to any corporation subject to the provisions of this act, and to any officer or director thereof, such interrogatories as may be reasonably necessary and proper to enable it to ascertain whether the corporation has complied with all applicable provisions of this act.

Such interrogatories must be answered within 30 days after mailing or within such additional time as fixed by the department.

The court’s final decision may be appealed as in other civil proceedings.

213.053(15), bring an action in circuit court to collect any penalties, fees, or taxes determined to be due and owing the state and to compel any filing, qualification, or registration required by law.Except as provided in subsections (2) and (4) and in s.607.0124(3), a document accepted for filing is effective on the date and at the time of filing, as evidenced by such means as the Department of State may use for the purpose of recording the date and time of filing.In connection with such proceeding the department may, without prior approval by the court, file a lis pendens against any property owned by the corporation and may further certify any findings to the Department of Legal Affairs for the initiation of any action permitted pursuant to s.607.0505 which the Department of Legal Affairs may deem appropriate.

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