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(okay I'll stop now...sorry)I'm spending all my hobby time on this :3The Demo is out now and I am currently working on ACT I which should be released sometime soon...hopefully?If you wish to pursue a romance with them, then have at it! He did what he was told, and at night danced in their shows as a "gypsy." He loved to dance, the activity was always the highlight of his day. Just might take a little while to get to them.) Feliciano Vargas had been a slave to the caravan ever since he was a child.Dipper was easy to read as a kid, smart and dumb at the same time, and Bill found that entertaining about him. Even wrapped in his darkness, pushing everyone away, Toni finds himself determined to bring out the potential within Romano... Lovino and all the other countries are left wondering what caused the spainiard to go so far to try to end his pain... A reputation forged by years of what most call a despicable occupation.

When do you think you're going to update this, cause' your right! And this could be an absolutely AMAZING one, but it also has all the other countries too! He can either add to the night bar's reputation, or stand by as he and his brother slowly starve. Unaware of the drug put inside, Prussia gives the box of sweets to the starving Romano—who refused to eat any of the food at France's party. However, it wasn't as if Antonio was any better off.With the drug coursing heavily through the southern Italian's body, he finds himself becoming exceptionally horny—and only Prussia can relieve him of the desperate itch he's feeling. He had turned a bit pale and it took him a minute before he could form a coherent sentence. Lovino needs to get away from his family, and his personal vacation leaves him stranded in the Spanish foothills at the mercy of a tomato-loving vineyard owner who can't seem to get out of his head, or his heart. X-posted to FF: https:// DISCONTINUED Matthew Williams-Jones, perpetually awkward and basically invisible, has a problem. ""I don't think our gender matters much here," Spain seemed oddly calm. "Everyone just needs to pair up with "Continuing on," Germany cleared his throat, drowning out the muffled noises a certain tied-up nation was making. " America moved Japan out of the way and kicked the door open. The twintails are a nice touch by the way.""Naturally," Prussia placed his arms on his hips as a smug expression came onto his face. "Judging by that 30 we found, we have 30 days to p-p-pair up!

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