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It allows an access point (AP) to discover the IP address of its controller.

Your login information for the app is the same as the login information where you sign up for service. (To lock your SD card, it is that small switch on the upper left side of the SD card.

It is often necessary to turn the phone off and back on for the new programming to take effect, though many phones will automatically perform this action.

Depending on implementation, OTA software delivery can be initiated upon action, such as a call to the provider's customer support system or other dialable service, or can be performed automatically.

Similarly Voitel Wireless and Straight Talk, which both use Verizon network, use *22890 service code to program Verizon based wireless phones.

Interop Technologies provides a number of nationwide wireless operators in the US with an SS7 Based Over-the-Air device management solution.

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