Dating site romanians

I guess it’s mostly the dumbest segment of western women, rather than men, who fall for Nigerian dating scams, and they are most likely to be fat and ugly.They have totally branched out from that stupid 419 scam that everyone is so familiar with.I am still not going to tell you even in this post many of the ways we figure these idiots out because once the scammers learn how we get onto them, they often modify the scam so we can’t use that method to catch them anymore.It ends up being an intelligence arms race, and that’s no way to fight crooks.There were a few decent West Africans who worked with us and gave us a lot of brilliant info to fight the scammers. Of course they inevitably get stranded over there with no way home, fall very ill and have to go into the hospital (wink) or fall wildly in love with you to where you need to buy her a plane ticket to fly to the US so you can marry this hot model babe. Yes, quite a few were not particularly desirable men who might have a hard time getting a woman, but we also had a number of high quality, often very handsome men who were getting scammed.After all, good looking, high quality men can fall for a hot model babe quite easily also. Some were even threatening to get some weapons, go to Nigeria and kill scammers.They hatched dozens of new scams and they come up with even newer ones all the time.Many people are falling for the various dating scams, which are also run by Russian organized crime and now even Filipinas and Chinese East European women.

The dating scam was being continuously refined while we were dealing with them.Weeding out scammers is a cost, and they don’t feel like spending money to protect you against crooks using their site to victimize you.Also they really don’t care if 80% of the site is scammers, and they often will not even delete the scammers if you report them because these sites are in competition to see how many members they have.A friend of mine is on and he says fake beautiful young women come to him all the time.He can spot these African criminals a mile away blindfolded and he instantly figures them out and reports them. He says 90% of the “women” he talks to on there are either fakes or real women who are scamming.

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