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Pakistan tops the list at number one, followed by Egypt at number two.

It’s about relaxing and enjoying yourself, with an extra pair of hands to help you do it. You’ll know what all the fuss is about Love it or hate it, actually experiencing a threesome first hand yourself, if nothing else, qualifies you to comment on it.We would love to tell you there is no such thing as having too much sex. Some people get bad knees just by jogging a few times a week.Seriously—we’d be thrilled to be the bearer of that news! Medical professionals (and pure lovers of the act) have found there are a few risks of having too much sex, and here they are. Rug burns Apply too much pressure and create prolonged friction on the same area and you’ll wear that skin raw! Imagine what could happen if you are on your knees and another person is on you a few times a week (or day.) Bye-bye stilettos, hello orthotics. Bruised elbows Like a good propped-on-your-side position? If you shave down there, the skin needs a little time to heal before it experiences a ton of friction.Positions involving the woman on all fours was involved in 29 per cent of fractures.Meanwhile, the safest position in the bedroom was revealed as the man-on-top or ‘missionary position’.

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