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Maybe some could share their memories of their most enjoyable date. and it hit him in the face as we were going for a smooch! Amy (from POF) - we had a never ending date that started at noon and went til midnight. It was a Sunday afternoon, and he picked me out so we could go to Colasanti's (this huge greenhouse that has exotic animals, and plants, and other entertainment things. The point of this was to cheer me up cause I was upset that day, and he thought by taking me to see animals (which I love), would cheer me up. Second date after that was, I thought he was going to take me home, but he took me out for dinner. Third date, again I thought he was going to take me home. He drove on to the video store and we got some movies, and we watched them at my place while cuddling. He definitely didn't leave my place until like 3 or 4 in the morning. As it was just for fun, penalties and gales of laughter ruled a game that everyone won, with someone running over to KFC to pick up lunch, and of course with that bunch, it turned into the funniest food fight. any date that lasts a week and includes all that is up there.From then on the future of my love life depended entirely on the whims of the single men of London town.And this is where the problem is: I don’t get chatted up much, and when I do, I’m usually looking absurd in fancy dress which doesn’t count, surely? Our local zoo has been on the decline for years but what the heck. Alas he went back to college out of state and we lost touch. The chemistry between us was nearly instantaneous and intense. Too bad the guy told the entire office that he had bedded me.... He was a perfect gentleman but obviously a pathological liar. We went to dinner, then walked out into this new outdoor mall that is more like a park with beautiful fountains, landscaping and places to sit, and just talked and talked and talked. We met at Dunkin Donuts, hit it off so well that we went to the park, and just talked and talked for hours...ended up in a diner at midnight. A few years ago a guy I worked w/ made plans for us to go to the local zoo. Just basically a great time of having fun and joking around. Either way, we intended to enjoy our time together.

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I’ve never been one for approaching handsome strangers on nights out, or for getting approached by them.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have self-esteem issues – when I scrub up, I’d probably rate myself as a 7.5, maybe an 8 if I steer clear of carbs. The last time I attempted to chat someone up was on the last train home in 2004.

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