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A delayed reply -- or none at all -- can lead to suspicion and anger.

The use of social networks can also affect relationships.

Gone are the days of young men approaching ladies in social situations, relying on confidence and a silver tongue to hopefully open up some form of dialogue let alone secure a date.

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Tinder and other dating apps may have simplified the process a lot, but it is fair to say that some level of effort should be demonstrated when looking for a potential partner.Her work can be seen in publications such as "Link," "Friends: I2I" and "Class Consciousness." Allen holds a Master of Arts in sociology from Indiana University and a bachelor's degree in the social sciences with minors in sociology and political science.For the generations before us, the idea of being digitally presented to potentially hundreds of possible partners seems like a mind-blowing concept, especially if all you need to do is swipe right to express an interest.Thus the internet has done an incredible job of pairing more people together and let’s face it, who does want to see more love in this world.While this might seem like a positive step forward for the dating scene and technology, it appears we now have the option of removing ourselves from the process almost entirely.

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