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The Autobots' initial attempt at retrieving the battery led to the Dreadwing, Throttle's ship, crashing down into the ocean.Despite Getaway's complaints that he would rust, he was enlisted alongside the rest of the Autobot Powermasters to retrieve the power cell from the briny deep.During a battle against Quake, Joyride inadvertently led to a human getting seriously injured.Though Hi-Q built a life-support system to heal the human, its power source was stolen by Throttle.Due to the carnival's steep admission fee, none of the others wound up partaking in Sky Lynx's rescue. Itching for action while Prime gathered his thoughts, Getaway led the Powermasters to investigate suspected Decepticon activity in the town of Border Flats.Instead they discovered the Autobot Advance Surveillance Unit had made a mess of the town while trying to join in on the festivities.Through this transformation, the Autobots succeeded in restoring Prime to functionality and driving the Decepticons off of Nebulos.

Hearing this story, Getaway and his fellow Autobots attempted to stop the Decepticons, but proved a poor match for these new Powermaster warriors in their weakened condition.On its way to Earth, the Steelhaven received a transmission advertising the "Cosmic Carnival," an intergalactic traveling show with attractions from many worlds.Getaway wasn't all that impressed with it, and dismissed the whole thing as a "freakshow for malfunctioning morons." Optimus and Goldbug wound up investigating it when they learned that fellow Autobot Sky Lynx was part of the line-up.Getaway and the others fought valiantly against the Deathbringer, but their efforts proved futile against the seemingly invulnerable foe.Using a plan hatched by Nightbeat, Optimus used the Deathbringer's own programming against it, and caused it to self-destruct, removing Getaway and the others from danger.

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