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She’s seen to be rewarded in political currency, supporting causes she cares about while burnishing the Trudeau brand.She’s performing what the economist Nancy Folbre calls “caring labour,” caretaking or nurturing jobs—teaching, nursing, mothering—that are undervalued and underpaid, if paid at all; the compensation is seen to be emotional.

She accompanied Margaret Trudeau to Ethiopia to support a clean-water charity, and was active on the speaker’s circuit, sharing her experience overcoming eating disorders.There’s no 21st-century equivalent to Eleanor Roosevelt, who took on controversial issues—expanding roles for women in the workplace, civil rights and rights of migrant workers.On occasion she publicly disagreed with her husband’s policies.That came last November when they were photographed in , Justin Trudeau’s first sit-down media portrait after being sworn-in as Prime Minister.The resulting image—Trudeau gazing soulfully at his wife, his arms wrapped around her as she leaned into him—made waves internationally, which isn’t surprising. The accompanying story, which referred to Trudeau as “dashing in his blue suit and jaunty brown shoes” and the “youthful, optimistic face of Canada,” borrowed heavily from American political imagery.

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