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Travel and health experts say a winning getaway -- one that is enjoyed before, during, and after a trip -- takes a bit of planning.

Otherwise, you may be doomed to repeat scenarios that have made countless other escapes stressful.

Rosekind says a sleep deficit of just two hours can affect performance in the same way a blood alcohol level of 0.05 can.

With such impaired functioning, people obviously put themselves at great risk when they drive, or when they participate in activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, hiking, or biking.

As a result, a lot of people give up vacation time and ultimately surrender the days to employers.

If people do use vacation time, they end up taking laptops, PDAs, cell phones, and other work items with them on the trip.

According to a 2006 Career survey, one in four workers plan to work while on vacation.

The Career survey found 16% of workers feel guilty about missing work while on vacation, and 7% fear the days off could lead to unemployment.

The constant expectation to work has had a negative effect on the workforce, contributing to high rates of depression and anxiety.

"The most expensive cost for business today is depression," says Weaver, referring to the 1999 U. Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health, which places the indirect costs of untreated mental health disorders at billion per year.

The high cost of depression, he says, is 70% more than the cost of the next highest health care cost, which is diabetes.

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