The dating game tagline

Because while this game is pretty honestly a dating sim, it’s also a game about being a good solo dad to your teenage kids.I have the paternal instincts of a decapitated praying mantis, so this was jarring as hell.

This means that only 10 percent of buying decisions are based on the information immediately presented.

From punny word-play to the borderline creepy, we scoured the internet and found the best funny Tinder bios out there - so check out these LOLworthy profiles to help you craft your own playful tagline.

When this game showed up on the Steam store, I was always gonna drop of my human dollars I had worked for on it.

Triggering the wrong emotion(s) can do more harm than good, so never (ever, ever) assume the emotional needs of a consumer; research is key or you’ll be kicking yourself later. Be Clear About What Sets You Apart Generic descriptors don’t typically equate to a whole lot of meaning in a tagline; instead, a tagline can be seen as the emotional punctuation to your brand that helps an audience understand and emotionally connect with your brand in a matter of seconds.

For a nascent brand that’s just beginning to establish itself, it might be best to pair a tagline with a descriptor (which more bluntly explains what you do in a concise manner).

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