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The typical borderline patient may come into her doctor or therapist’s office praising them and calling them a gift from heaven one day, and the next day may hate them completely and refuse to even speak to them.When I see all-or-nothing thinking in my counseling office, it’s one of the first things I make it a point to address, because it is extremely difficult for the person who thinks only in absolutes to achieve the recovery they seek.When critical thinking is discarded in favor of how well a position agrees with an idealized standard, anyone who doesn’t fit in with that mentality will not be given credence.

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Instead, these dissenters are silently edged out of the group before anyone has the chance to consider the truth of their position.When black and white thinkers are in leadership, all under them are subject to this roller coaster ride.The person who takes a position of even slightly questioning—such as reporting sexual misconduct—must be opposed and blacklisted immediately.In this world, a kiss before marriage is nearly the same level of sin as having multiple sexual partners, and a woman working outside the home cannot possibly also be a good mother.In psychology, this phenomenon is called “splitting” and is a hallmark of borderline personality disorder.

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