Excel macro turn off screenupdating

Weight = xl Medium End With End With Range("Runs") = 200Range("Runs"). Screen Updating = True End Sub The Column sizes aren't important but from an aesthetic point of view it looks better if the hotdogs are within a defined area.

If this happens simply close the file without saving and re-open it. Hui is a Consulting Mining Engineer by profession and guest author at Excel Hero Blog and

Cells(same, 1) = i Hotdog Color = RGB(0, 255, 0) 'Green Worksheets("Results"). But once I started I couldn't help myself and added the history and cumulative Pi value and variance from Pi as charts. I also colored the hotdogs according to there location Red for Hotdogs that Crossed a grid line and Green Hotdogs for those that missed a gridline. Calculate Pi Of course this could all be done in memory. Displaying them will definitely slow down the process. Excel uses an orthogonal grid starting at 0,0 at the Top Left corner of the A1 Cell. Recently I started teaching my 10 year old son about Pi, its relationship to Circles, how and what Pi can be used for and some methods to determine its value. Cells(cross, 2) = i Hotdog Color = RGB(255, 0, 0) 'Red Worksheets("Results"). Draw the Hotdog Once the code has determined if the Hotdog is a Red(Crosses a gridline) or Green (Is between the gridlines) we can draw the hotdog. During this I stumbled on an article about How to calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hotdogs. This is more correctly known as the Buffon's Needle. The drawing is outsourced to a small subroutine to simplify the code flow.

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