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This live webcam—which you can zoom in and out with—is courtesy of Earth Cam.

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After confirming the pic was good, I walked back around the corner toward my car and stopped at Tom's Diner for lunch (Han's Hoagie) and to KM's Treats for a banana cream pie ice cream cone. I first stood near the designated spot and brought up the webcam on my phone. Finally after several minutes, I noticed the picture changed. So I went over to the other side of the canal where the benches are, since that was the current picture, and waited. So after I saved the picture of me sitting on the bench I headed back to my car.It will name itself "3Rz.jpg" by default, and they need to save it, and you just need to upload that picture with your log to claim a find. As I said before, not the greatest webcam, but I think it will work.Doing the webcam cache solo the "newfangled smartphone way"? As long as there is a discernable human figure standing there looking towards the camera, you'll be fine.They can be ‘looped’ so that the banner can revolve, disappear and come back – creating an attractive image to catch the eye.It’s been a while since we last had a good look around inside Naughty America, so it’s time for a re-match.

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