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Select simple grilled or roasted meats or fish but avoid stews, which may contain potatoes or other starchy vegetables.

Ask for enchiladas verdes without the tortilla or taco salad with beef or chicken minus the rice and beans and leave the tostada.Coffee, once banned, is positively encouraged on the back of research which shows moderate caffeine intake boosts long-term health (it contains several antioxidants) and its fat-burning properties mean it may help with the regulation of body weight.Although some blame caffeine withdrawal (no longer necessary as coffee and diet drinks are permitted on New Atkins), these symptoms are also caused by the dramatic shift in fluid, and therefore salt, caused by the low-carb diet.Chose any burger or breakfast combination minus the bun (once you remove the bun and ketchup, a Burger King Whopper goes from 51 to 3g of net carbs), or any salad (with grilled, not deep-fried chicken pieces and remove the carrot).Avoid fries, nuggets, wraps, milk shakes, and anything in breadcrumbs/batter or deep fried.

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