Ink dating cross cross examination

Fingerprint for Kuwait, Bahrain, Belgium Visa or work permit.

Medical License or Licensed Health Care Professional from Michigan, New York, Florida Nebraska, Louisiana USA etc.

Abraham Bredius bought the painting in 1921 because he was highly struck by its beauty and without doubts that it was a genuine Rembrandt. The work is not included in the Corpus, and currently considered to be an imitation in the style of Rembrandt by Museum Bredius (Blankert/Barnouw-de Ranitz/Stal 1991, no. Smith regarded the work as a study for the Raising of the cross in the Alte Pinakothek in Munich, dated 1633 (Smith 1829-1842, vol. Password Recovery MMS Video Clip Examination and Verification MMS Comparison and investigation. Signature Analysis on forged / fraud document Signature verification on disputed documents Handwriting verification on disputed documents Handwriting identification in case of frauds. Investigation in Robbery cases Investigation of Suicide and homicide cases Evidence like blood, bullet, fingerprints etc collection from crime scene Photography of crime scene Accident investigation and reconstruction of the cases Crime scene reconstruction. Investigation of rape, burglary, theft, murder cases. Blood group detection DNA extraction from blood, saliva, bones etc DNA analysis for paternity disputes Rape cases Extra marital affairs DNA Hair examination. Saliva examination Litigation support in civil and criminal court cases Litigation support in examination of biological cases Litigation support in examination of suicide and autopsy cases Litigation support in ballistic cases Litigation support in explosion cases Litigation support in lie detection, Brain fingerprinting, Narco analysis Litigation Support in Voice Examination Preparation of cross examination in every field of forensic Preparation of technical and legal arguments in every field of forensic Preparation of cross examination of handwriting and fingerprint examination cases Preparation of technical and legal arguments of handwriting and fingerprint examination cases Preparation of cross examination of cyber and video cases. Sessions on detection of signature forgery and there detection. Video Tempering Analysis Audio Tempering Examination Voice Alteration Verification Business Intelligence Web Tracking Data Recovery Formatted Disk Recovery Virus Attack Investigation Hacking Investigation Hard Disk Imaging Disk Snap Forensic Data Collection Cyber Security Internet Crimes, Software Piracy Tracking User Activity on Computer Target (Child, Spouse, Vehicle) Tracking Fake website scams Surveillance Undercover agent. Signature identification in cases of property disputes Examination of handwriting / signatures on WILLS, agreements, receipts, forms, contracts for authenticity, Gift deed. Infanticide investigation Hit and run cases Sketching of crime scene Videography of crime scene Documentation of crime scene Photography of crime scene / evidences Crime scene preservation. Preparation of technical and legal arguments of cyber and video cases Tips on evidence in court and cross examination Preparation of questionnaire for cross examination in Fingerprint cases. Advice in cases containing forensic forgeries such as fingerprint and handwriting forgeries. Development, Lifting and comparison of fingerprints from crime scene.Examination of fingerprints in crime scene Investigation. (scene of crime) Recording of finger prints for verification purposes / immigration or visa or work permit.

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