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In 2014, the Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth conducted a survey of Diocesan Marriage and Family Life Directors, Diocesan Youth and Young Adult Directors, and college Campus Ministers about the state of marriage in the Church.The goal was to identify current best practices among leaders for 1) promoting marriage in the Church and 2) helping those in irregular marital situations (couples married outside of the Church).The surveys indicated that members of the Church's many cultural families can face unique challenges when seeking to be married in the Church.Respondents noted that limited finances and/or a couple's immigration status may preclude them from celebrating the sacrament.

2100 surveys were distributed and 384 were returned, of which 355 had substantial responses to the open-ended questions about the landscape of marriage in the Church today and best practices and strategies.Some leaders described such sessions as taking the form of a youth night for high school students or theology on tap for young adults.One college campus ministry hosts "You're Invited: A Night on the Sacrament of Marriage" for college students and other young adults in the community.When people are invited into the life of the Church, and when they encounter Christ in the sacraments and in Scripture, they want to stay connected to these sources of grace. When [people] have an active prayer life, are focused on Jesus, [they] more naturally want to get married in the Church he founded." – Campus Minister Practically speaking, youth and young adult ministers suggested that programming should include implicit and explicit promotion of marriage.Ministry events for youth and young adults should actively work to include married role models as leaders and mentors.

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