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the gimmicky brake assist lever found on some older road bikes, which allow the rider to brake with his hands on top of the bars, rather than on the brake hoods or on the drops.

Ignorant consumers buy bikes with them, although they're no more convienant than braking from the hoods, and for powerful braking the stability, steering, and weight distribution from using the drops is essential. Had a remarkable two-year winning streak through 1995. the ability to finely and consistantly select a specific braking force, rather than moving straight from no braking power to locked wheels and an endo. a race referee or official who uses a motorcycle during the bicycle race event.

So the morning's nice, easy ride turned into a Bataan death march." n.

a technique much like a bunny hop, but executed diferently.

All cyclocross races are held on closed circuits on either park or vacant land, although roads are occasionally integrated into the racecourse. a ride that turns into an investigation of your endurance limit.

"The bridge was out, and I had to go all the way back the way I came.

Former Olympic-level ski racer who blew out her knees and reinvented herself as an off-road pro. "Cursed" in the world championships--despite her skills, she's never won. metal reinforcing piece into which the tubing for expensive road bikes is brazed, allowing lighter tubing. There are probably only ten men on earth faster than her, and she's knocking them off, one-by-one. Hydraulic brakes have great modulation; V-brakes are gimmicky crap. The motor referee is often primarily responsible for centerline rule enforcement during road races using a rolling enclosure.

The Georgio Armani of bikes parts, but you get what you pay for (sometimes). Called "clipless" because you can't see the clips when you're clipped in. These people don't know why their bike always breaks, and often would rather buy new parts than keep their bike in good condition. a bicycle helmet standard set by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. to fail to remain on the trail on the side of the 50 foot dropoff. a mostly road-specific verb that refers to the leaving of skin and viscera on the asphalt after a crash. We locked wheels this morning and she crayoned all over the place." n.

It's a smidge stricter than ASTM, but is less strict than the Snell B-95 and many international standards. Usually painful, as in "One of those death cookies joggled my wheel and I almost cratered on that section that looks down on the river." 2) v. a massed start, high-speed bicycle race events in which riders race around a closed circuit racecourse to compete for order of finish.

Criteriums are usually held on closed urban or suburban public streets.

The racecourse is normally one-half to one mile in length. a bike for feeble people, where the seat is lower than the handlebars, the rider sits upright, and the top speed is a joke (especially given their usual owners.) 2) n.

derisive term for a mountain bike or hybrid with a large wheelbase, seat below the bars, and/or crappy components and lead-pipe tubing. a race run much like a criterium, except that the racecourse involves dirt surfaces, trails, and a variety of other surfaces and obstacles, many of which must be overcome by running with the bicycle.

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