Dating early american pottery

Native Americans used pottery to hold water, store grains, and preserve seeds for the next planting season.

Also among other examples of Native American pottery were the pots that would sit on open fires for cooking.

But, Indians have always found nature, animals, birds, humans, and gods sacred and used their images when decorating pottery. It is believed that long ago, the Indians covered their woven baskets with mud clay.

Once the baskets were put over the fire, the clay hardened and the Indians realized quite by accident that they could make pots by shaping clay and cooking it over fire.

The white man did not understand many of the designs drawn on Native American pottery and the Indians were reluctant to reveal what the designs meant.

We conclude that while TL dating has the potential to solve many sedimentary problems, more fundamental research needs to be carried out before such dates should be accepted.

A set of criteria for acceptable dates is proposed.

At the same time, pottery technology and pottery production were also transformed by this trajectory, especially during the relatively rapid transition to large-scale sedentary villages that took place in North China.

A model is developed to chart the feedback processes that embody this trajectory.

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