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When we are in a state of deep sleep, there is a surge of growth hormone.

This is important for the restoration of our body’s tissues, especially the tissues of the heart.

This can mean a focus on your community, your nation, or the planet.

You might, building on your experiences, talents, interests – your wounds, even – make a difference.

I was able to see my younger self in a new way – with both more compassion and more objectivity.

The quality of my relationships to certain people and events in my past – my mother and father, especially – was also transformed, as was how I feel about myself now.

I examined myself and my life in Acts One and Two as carefully and honestly as I could, as a way toward wholeness and to prepare for a good Third Act.

The ingredients that keep us vital, happy and continuing to grow are there for a majority of us.

During our last three decades, as we move from being the ‘young old’ to becoming the ‘old old’, we can have some of the happiest years of our lives, and the best news of all is that it is never too late to start making it happen.

Better still, do away with all caffeinated drinks, except perhaps one cup in the morning.

In the evening, try eating foods that contain natural tryptophan (an essential amino acid which aids sleep) such as milk, turkey and complex carbohydrates.

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