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I have always been extremely shy, but when times were good and I had at least a few friends, I found it so much easier to be more friendly and introduce myself around people.Entering college, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to meet new people. One was depressed and overweight, she never spoke, had no social skills and only left the room to go to work.I want to urge you to take advantage of the service.I want to strongly recommend anti depressant medication that will also help reduce your anxiety. In addition, you really need to start talking to a professional who can begin training you in behavioral strategies to help you learn how to interact in social situations.But by the time I realized what I had been doing wrong (a senior in High School), it was too late and the only friend I had left was just considered my "friend" to me because I didnt have anyone else.They would be people with problems themselves (bipolar disorder, cutting themselves, shoplifting, drug using, getting arrested, putting me in situations that I got arrested for, etc.).As a result of this social anxiety you avoid situations in which you can be with people.In your dorm situation you accepted who ever happened to be there.

When you feel too nervous or shy to be with people, be with people.

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But none of them wanted to go out, so I too stayed in our dorm room all the time.

Now it is sophmore year, one of those girls transferred, and the other two are in singles. Shes really nice and we get along great but we have virtually nothing in common with each other. I think, "why would anyone want to be friends with someone who has none." People come up to me all the time in the elevator of my dorm or in my classes and I feel like I have nothing to say, and make the simplest situation awkward.

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