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One of the North Korean soldiers who defected to the South in 2017 was found to have antibodies in his bloodstream, a sign Pyongyang possesses anthrax, the acute disease caused by bacteria.South Korean authorities did not identify the soldier, who was either exposed to or vaccinated for anthrax, but did confirm he had developed immunity to the deadly disease before he defected, local news network Channel A reported Tuesday.

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The news of possible North Korea anthrax development comes at a time when South Korean newsmagazine Sisa Journal is reporting the U. military in the South has continued to test live bacteria at local bases.

Cocky and intelligent, he was studying at Tokyo’s prestigious Chuo University.

Still, like much of his generation in Japan, he wasn’t interested in politics, and knew almost nothing about Korea, North or South.

"Anthrax antibodies have been found in the North Korean soldier who defected this year," a South Korean intelligence official told the network on the condition of anonymity.

The discovery of the antibodies is causing concern in Seoul.

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