Rowupdating event of the dataadapter

Table Name = “Orders“) It would be so much easier if they made it so you can use the same Data Adapter to update all the tables you load into the Data Set with the Data Adapter.

The Td Command Builder generates DML statements (UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE) which are used by Td Data Adapter.

The Td Data Adapter applies changes to a Data Set (or Data Table) back to the Teradata Database.

Td Command Builder can generate DML (UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT) statements for a single table SELECT statement.

As you might have guessed this is not efficient while dealing with large number of rows.

Fortunately Sql Data Adapter allows you to execute updates in batches. number of rows to be treated as a single batch via Update Batch Size property.

Single quote delimiters are added around the string values. The solution delimits the string values for the Category Name and Description fields in the Categories table from the Northwind database used in this example. private void Custom Adapter Batch Update Form_Load(object sender, System.One thing to keep in mind: the solution code iterates in reverse order through the parameters collection so that parameters are replaced correctly if there are more than nine parameters; if they were processed in forward order, parameter , and so on.Bipin Joshi is a software consultant, trainer, author and yoga mentor having 22 years of experience in software development. One way to fill a Data Set with multiple tables is to send the database multiple requests. If you do try to update all the tables with the same Data Adapter, then you will get an error like the one below (this error really frustrated me for a couple hours): An unhandled exception of type 'System.

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