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‘The double-lash look is also a trend that continues to dominate the market, with many companies now producing a double-lash strip lash as opposed to the need for consumers to wear two pairs of single lashes.' Debenhams reported similar sales with an overall 42 per cent rise on purchases of false lashes across the UK and the regions with the highest sales being in the midlands at more than 55 per cent and the south east at 51 per cent.

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The cream u PVC profiles are made to order, meaning that more profile is lost as wastage.The look of the cream upvc windows is tasteful and subtle when compared to standard white upvc windows and other woodgrain coloured windows such as Golden Oak or Mahogany.However it is important to research which type of cream window profile you are installing.Other light woodgrain colours such as Antique Oa Ak and Irish Oak offer a similar cream colour but with a true woodgrain effect; in fact many people cannot tell an Irish Oak window from a real wooden window.For more information follow the link below to our website and see all of our 33 colour options for your new upvc windows and conservatories made in Doncaster.

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