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It is in this way I want to break down what it would be like to patter down the path of romance with an older gentleman.Helping to comprise this list of experience are women I surveyed who have dated men with little ones.It takes time to create a harmonious co-parenting relationship.If these two have not completely crossed this bridge, please be advised you will be walking into a contest even if you are not a willing participant.This guy will be in constant contact when his kids are not around, but once they arrive for their dad time, he will go ghost. If she is still remotely enamored with him, this will not sit well with her — especially if he introduces you to their kids.Be aware that if you become a solid part of his life, you might have to deal with the natural jealousy of the one who “came before you.”The Good: You will always be younger, hotter and sexier than the mother of his child, and he will take every opportunity he has to tell you how amazing you are. Because he came out of a situation where he got the prize (his kids) without the package (their original family unit), he will look at you as if you are heaven sent.The conversations are almost combustible with their content of interesting opinions on politics, literature and music.

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He will take every opportunity to bask in the glow of your budding relationship, and may often make a comparison in your favor. Just make sure you are never the one doing the comparing. If he is divorced and just now starting to date, he may not remember how important words of affirmation are. Competition: You will always be hers (even if she has moved on).

Who cares if their nights out start and end before we even begin our happy hour?

Those afternoon naps they are tied to can be filled with lots of fun.

One thing you need to understand is this: His kids come first.

If that fact doesn’t detour you, be ready to receive some of the benefits that will inevitably come when he does get around to calling you. The man with kids doesn’t get a lot of one-on-one adult time, especially if he is the primary parent.

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