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“I’m so sorry, Miss Uehara, please give me two more days, I’ll come up with enough money for you.” He sat on the floor, and lowered his head in a formal apology.Even though all of this is the previous body’s fault, but since he’s obtained this body now, he can’t complain, he might as well just fix things.

Not only that, the military equipment in this world made his eyes sparkle, apart from conventional weapons, such as guns, tanks, and cruisers, there were also robot warriors, single-pilot mechs, flying castles, biologically engineered living giants, technology that he had only seen in sci-fi manga before.

Let’s just start from here now, a new life after reincarnation.

First, he has to clean up the instant noodles that choked this body to death……

After opening this Pandora’s Box, he closed it right away, and used all of his self-control to prevent himself from opening it again, and he’s finally managed to calm himself down. At this moment, he silently opened up the load menu, then he chose the first save file and returned to that time.

His entire world went black momentarily, then became light again.

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    The SD 3.0 specification is backward compatible with SD 2.0.