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From the start, camp detainees were subjected to harsh treatment.

On May 25, 1933, Sebastian Nefzger (1900-33), a Munich schoolteacher, was beaten to death while imprisoned at Dachau.

The facility had been designed to house some 6,000 detainees, but the population continued to rise and by 1944 approximately 30,000 prisoners were packed into the camp.

The main camp eventually expanded to include a series of subcamps, located around southern Germany and Austria, where able-bodied prisoners were used as slave labor to manufacture weapons and other materials for Germany’s efforts in World War II.

Also set for extermination were members of any group considered by Hitler to be ill-equipped to reside in the new Germany.

Among them were artists, intellectuals and other independent thinkers; communists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others who were ideologically opposed to the Nazi Party; homosexuals and others who were viewed as sexually deviant; Gypsies; the physically and mentally handicapped; and anyone else considered to be racially or physically impure.

Our liquidation of surplus machinery is efficient and fast. We also offer consignment and financing options on purchases.By early 1940, Dachau had been reconverted into a concentration camp.Conditions at the camp were brutal and overcrowded.The camp initially housed political prisoners, and its first group of detainees consisted primarily of socialists and communists.Hilmar Wäckerle (1899-1941), an official in the “Schutzstaffel” (a Nazi paramilitary organization commonly known as the SS), served as the first commandant of Dachau.

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