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It sounds like the effects loop is a parallel loop and not a series loop.In a series loop all of the signal will pass through the loop and the Decimator needs a series loop to work correctly. Turn on the loop on the amplifier and plug a cord into send and return and leave the other end of the cord open (don’t connect the other end of these two cords to anything).You will need to plug your guitar into Guitar IN and put any reverb or echo after the Decimator OUT to avoid cutting off any verb or echo tails. ANSWER: Both the NS2 and the Decimator work on the Masking principle, which means that when you play the signal will mask the noise and the Decimator works like an automatic volume control that will reduce the volume when the signal gets close to the noise floor.The Decimator is far more adaptive than the NS2 so it should be better but I would listen to some of the clips on line and or test a unit if possible to see if it will solve your problem.QUESTION: I have a question on the setup of a Decimator G Sting Pedal.I’m trying to use the decimator in the effects loop and in front of the amp. When engaging the effects loop on the Peavey pedal, with the Decimator on, the amp is silent.Because the Decimator acts like an automatic volume control, we recommend inserting it just ahead of any delay or reverb fx.QUESTION: Where do I place my pedals in the chain with an ISP Pro Rack G?

If you add any echo or reverb you want these after the output of the Decimator channel 2 so you don’t cut off any reverb or echo tails.This is my setup; Fender Strat, Single, Single, Humbucker.Effects Loop – Decimator-Dec Out/Super Chorus/Digital Delay/Barracuda/Blues Driver to Amp FX Return – Amp FX Send to Decimator-Dec In Front of Amp – Guitar (Strat) to Tuner/Compressor/Fat Boost/Decimator-Guitar In/Decimator-Guitar Out to front of Amp.Some amps allow you to switch between series and parallel so you can check you manual to confirm.If the amp has a parallel loop then you can still use the G-String with the pedals by inserting the pedals between the Guitar OUT and Decimator IN on the G-String and connect the Decimator OUT to the input of the amp.

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