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The album has 10 songs and if you want to have a taster you can hear two songs, “Julia’s Call” and “One of Your Own”. My Raining Stars: I still don’t have their first release. He also provided keyboards on “What You Gonna Do When Your Lifeline Snaps? “(Don’t Lose That) Stealin’ Feelin'” was their second record.

Again on Ediesta (CALC23) though this time it was only available as a 12″.

Here they contribute the song “If Only I Had the Guts” and they are in very good company, you see The Close Lobsters, The Television Personalities, The Bats and many more!

were the best three piece guitar band since The Jam.

Then I find a video Nick Clay from Pink Noise has uploaded of 3-Action!

playing “Matter Batter” at The Adelphi in Hull on 12th June of 1987. And how come there hasn’t been some sort of retrospective compilation for them? They were Gary Action on bass and vocals, Graham Grasshopper on guitar and Artful Dodger on drums.

What they did for their art and Hull that day remains largely unspoken but it all proved to be worthwhile…

[we didn’t dare ask – HMA Ed] Janice Long rescued them and took them under her wing, with “Stealin’ Feelin’” receiving regular air time on her Radio 1 evening show.

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