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Plus they are young enough to be your son or grandson.You can almost read the words before you see them as basically the e mails are all the same.Be very weary of everyone on the site and the site as well. for some one to fine a friend or more in relationship Connecting Singles is for any one sex creed Don't mater. thank you Connecting Singles God Bless ' C=: I was a member of this site for many years until my account was deleted within seconds of me logging out. I barely used it as a dating site as I was more interested in posting some of my poetry there. -- Men - Generally exaggerate and bullsh*t on their profiles. When my profile was hacked into by someone who sent a message to a female member who forwarded it to a forum which I did not send it contarvbened th site rules so I finally deleted my account.They may have something to do with all these scammers. I tried to reset my password and I got a message saying my e-mail was not in their database. Women who have profiles and photos, some say they are looking for a partner but are semi-literate, use text speak style writing with poor english and grammar, are time wasting. it's a good site if you know what you looking for.

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There are greeting cards you pick1 to send, and more. When you write in the forums and "they" don't agree with you they just bann you !! The Europeans did great and peaceful things in Africa and he Europeans left, Africa got messed up.... 3.about the genocide trial in the Hague ( Bosnia, Balkans) " thousands of dead Muslims,why are we complaining" These are just a few examples and nothing happens to those members BUT if you dare to call them out on their racist comments YOU are the one getting banned!!! They should change the name from connecting singles ( CS ) to connecting scammers (CS) same initials so the Nazis running the site won't have to change anything.

i have bin with the Great's dating site i Love and Respect , Over six long years. profile if some one any-one Brakes the Great Rule YES your profile will be DELETED. however there is a lot of weirdos, fakers and scammers on both genders. compared to other dating sites like mingle2day or match it is not that easy to find someone special but sure have seen worse.

Connecting Singles staff is the Great's, in my time with the Great's dating site in History Connecting Singles:=})' i have seen mine people come and go, you take your time get too!! I wouldn't recommend this site to my worst enemy.

) So all you will see is Nazis confirming each others posts. I paid for her airfare to come to Australia through a fake travel agent.

With all these reviews I have read their not much different to my experience. Money I couldn't afford but paid anyway then she wanted 0 for taxi to the airport before I woke up to it being a scam. I don't understand how people can do this to others. Some of the forums are OK for fun and a laugh but not all.

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