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If a baby boy and girl get exactly the same neonatal medical care, boys are statistically 10 per cent more likely to die.

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There are two reasons women need a stronger immune system. Dr Leslie Knapp, of the University of Cambridge, says women are better equipped to fight off illness because they're built to carry on the species: 'It only takes one male to reproduce with lots of females, but females are much more important in terms of producing offspring.'The second explanation is biological, based on the fact that women can bear children.

Girls' edge over boys doesn't just start at birth — it's there in the womb.

Scientists at the University of Adelaide say this may be because a mother's placenta behaves differently depending on the gender of her baby. might simply be nature's way of correcting the balance.'Boys are 14 per cent more likely than girls to be born prematurely, partly as a result of this under-nourishment in the womb.

But women have more connections going from left to right across the two halves of the brain, which gives them an advantage in pulling together information from different sources and drawing logical conclusions.

Women consistently outperform men in IQ tests and the highest IQ score ever was recorded by a woman: American author Marilyn vos Savant, who, in the Eighties, got a sky-high score of 228 (far outranking Albert Einstein, between 160 and 190).

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