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None of this is hard to understand if one understands earth cycles, astrological cycles and feminine esoteric knowledge.Was there a world wide culture, possibly, but what one can know for sure was that any circlur structure is of feminine energy, hence the underlying energy of the times in which these structures were built was feminine and cultures were esoteric.Such a coincidence would have been so unlikely that it would have sufficed to demonstrate the veracity of Plato's account of Atlantis beyond reasonable doubt.This raises the question: Is there some structure, motif, or symbol that Plato Brad Yoon is a software engineer and writer He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and a minor in anthropology at UCLA His jobs include developing software for an electronic medical records startup a dating app and...

Masculine energy is linear, angular, sharp, hard and heirarchical and we can see the masculine energy in most of the architecture of the last 5126 years.

For example the yurtz and tepee are circular structures.

Indigenous people whose create sacred ceremony off the medicince wheel (circular/ spiral) are matrarichial cultures.

Enjoying the privilege of unlimited access to the archives of the Library of Congress, Donnelly developed a novel thesis of breathtaking scope.

He argued that the apparent similarities between cultures that were separated by vast oceans, and hence were isolated from each other throughout all of recorded history, could be explained by the influence of a worldwide civilization that had existed in remote antiquity and had spread its influence throughout the world before it met its demise.

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