Geological dating techniques of earth

In view of the large number of papers published and the vast subjects presented, it is timely for this bibliography and index to be compiled with the intention for serving as a ready and convenient reference aid. 13(4):151-159 [8 illus., 2 ref.] AHMAD JANTAN, BASIR JASIN, IBRAHIM ABDULLAH, UYOP SAID and ABDUL RAHIM SAMSUDDIN, 1989.

Citations in this bibliography and index include all the publications made by the Society from 1967 to 1993 — full papers from the as well as abstracts of papers presented in the seminars, conferences and symposiums organised by the Society. The Semanggol Formation – lithology, facies association and distribution, and probable basin setting [abstract].

The Subject Index is arranged as below Primary subject Secondary subject: Abbreviated title of paper [Author/s, Year] Abbreviated title of paper [Author/s, Year] A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ABD. Hasil awalan pemetaan lapisan lempung samudera dengan kaedah kerintangan geoelektrik di kawasan lebuh raya Tangkak-Pagoh, Johor, Malaysia (Results of preliminary marine clay beds mapping using geoelectrical method in the Tangkak-Pagoh highway area, Johor, Malaysia) [abstract].

A contribution to the geology of part of the Indonesian tinbelt : the sea area between Singkep and Bangka Islands and around the Karimata Islands [abstract].

The bibliography contains over 1,600 citations listed in alphabetical order according to the authors. Miocene-Pliocene paleogeographic evolution of a tract of Sarawak offshore between Bintulu and Miri [abstract].

The arrangement of the citations for a single author is as far as possible chronological. Artifaks batuan dan batu permata tabii serta buatan di Pulau Kalumpang, Perak (Natural and synthetic gem and rock artifacts, Pulau Kalumpang, Perak) [abstract]. 3-314 [5 illus., 4 tab., 11 ref.] AGOSTINELLI, E., MOHAMAD RAISUDDIN AHMAD TAJUDDIN, ANTONIELLI, E.

ORDER & ARRANGEMENT The original bibliography and index is divided into four sections : List of publications, Bibliography, Subject index and Author index. 15(5):215-224 [7 illus., 1 tab., 6 ref.] AHMAD JANTAN, KAMAL ROSLAN MOHAMAD, CHE AZIZ ALI, IBRAHIM ABDULLAH, UYOP SAID and ABDUL RAHIM SAMSUDIN, 1991.

However, only 2 sections: Bibliography and Subject Index are listed here. Relationship and depositional setting of the Lanis Conglomerate, Mangkin Sandstone and Termus Shale of the Tembeling Group in Tekai Valley, Pahang [abstract].

The granites of Peninsular Malaysia : a collaborative study by Institute of Geological Sciences and Geological Survey of Malaysia.

Title of paper (Title of paper in English for papers in Bahasa Malaysia). Teknik analisis pengaktifan neutron (NAA) dalam kajian geologi (Neutron activation analysis technique in geological research) [abstract].

Volume (Issue No.):page number [number of illustrations, number of tables, number of references] The subject index contains over 400 primary entries arranged alphabetically. Kegagalan cerun di Lebuh Raya Timur Barat : survei dari Jeli ke Sri Banding (Slope failures along the East West Highway : a survey from Jeli to Sri Banding).

14(1):1-10 [4 illus., 1 tab., 14 ref.] DEBAVEYE, J., DE DAPPER, M., DE PAEPE, P. Quaternary volcanic ash deposits in the Padang Terap District, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia [abstract].

Hydrocarbon habitat in offshore Southeast Asia: comparison between the Mekong, South Con Son, Natuna and Malay Basins [abstract]. Anggaran timbunan arangbatu, Blok Tembulan, Lapangan Arangbatu Merit-Pila, Sarawak (Coal reserve estimation, Tembulan Block, Merit-Pila Coalfield, Sarawak) [abstract].

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