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The usually reserved Duncan wasted no time pairing with Macias a San Antonio sports reporter and former reality TV contestant.

This became public in December of 2013, less than a month after the divorce was final.

Many celebrity gossip and fashion outlets have called their wedding one of the most lavishing and classy of all time.

An actress, Gadecki met Lee when he was playing for the Knicks.

The two stayed together after he signed with the Warriors and then she also relocated to California after landing a major role in the movie 'Freaky Deaky.' Lee even helped her land the role by recording her first test film in their bathroom.

Over the last few years, NBA wives and girlfriends (NBA WAGs) have become an obsession of not only warm-blooded male fans, but also female fans looking for insight into the lives of women espoused to professional basketball players.

Thus, the TV show NBA Wives was created and then location-specific spin-offs of the show came about and now it’s this extremely popular reality TV series that has changed the way we look at the WAGs of the NBA.

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