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Susantri and other legal experts said enforcement would be a huge and impossible burden on police and encourage vigilante acts from self-appointed 'guardians of morality,' undermining an already fragile rule of law in Indonesia.

She said people who practice religions not recognized by the state could also be criminalized because their marriages aren't recognized.'The president should say no to this law,' Susantri said.

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People are flogged for a range of offences including gambling, drinking alcohol, gay sex or any sexual relationship outside marriage.

It can depend on how much a hotel cooperates with police.

'In strict Muslim areas, such as Aceh and West Sumatra, couples already have to prove that they are married when they book a hotel room together.' Statements from different committee members indicate there isn't total agreement but a majority of parties appear to have swung behind at least criminalization of gay sex.

Sex outside marriage is already considered a crime in Indonesia's Aceh province, where strict Shariah law is implemented and those who violate it are whipped in public.

Punished: An Acehnese woman covers her face as she is whipped in public for having sex outside marriage, an act which is punished under sharia law in the province of Aceh and is set to become a crime under state law in the entire country Rights groups and legal experts fear this will set back human rights and privacy in Indonesia, and the spread of vigilantism, already common in parts of the sprawling Muslim-majority nation of more than 250 million people.

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