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I feel quite sure that the right person will take all my pros and cons, flaws and smarts, expansiveness and brokenness, and help me appreciate it in full; I will do the same for them.

There was a report that Brad Pitt had 'landed the woman of his dreams' in Jennifer Lawrence.

To be known and not loved is our greatest fear.” After being known and not loved by my ex, a big part of me wanted to play it safe and pursue a more superficial version of love.

It was an instinctual reaction to full-scale rejection: Hide the more complicated parts of yourself that are harder for someone to understand.

To let down my guard, to reveal my ugly and pretty parts, to relax and breathe into someone else, is to feel really loved. But it’s the only way to experience the kind of love that penetrates the surface and nestles into all those gorgeous dents and cracks.

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He never brought it up again, but his demeanor toward me changed after that: sharp, biting, curt, and then apologetic, kind, accommodating.These cycles continued throughout our on-and-off relationship.He’d withhold, cut me out, treat me like less, then return with apologies and reasons that didn’t fit.I’ve always been okay with that: working with people.Relationships are complex; no one is perfect all the time.

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