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She began to moan in conjunction with each press-and-release. Her lover dropped her tits, and pressed his hands hard against her hip bones driving her down, pressing himself a more deeply into her swollenness, releasing his cum to flow into her.Her lover recognized the sound of her approaching orgasm, and released her arms. The Third licked her lover’s leavings as they seeped out her, passing beyond the seal of their bodies.The Third had lingered at this space, pressing against the seal between their bodies.She gasped we she felt the slip of a tongue sliding back and forth to take in each side of her cunt.She turned her head and let a hot sigh escape onto her lover’s shoulder.Hearing her pleasure at another’s touch, a deep growl escaped from his throat.He pressed his thighs back pulling her knees open a little wider.

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She knew The Third would tongue the tight skin at the bottom of his shaft.And then The Third would swoop the wetness forward, a curling streak of muscle moving upward, smooth and slick in a languid, fluid motion.She could tell by the moaning of her lover that The Third was working up his shaft, getting closer to the place where their bodies met. The Third’s hot breath and wetness was spreading over them both, tonguing them where her cunt stretched in a wide, tight circle around his pulsing width.She lay submissive against him as he drew his hands across her belly, sliding them across her breasts. She felt a tongue, lips, teeth, still churning against her clit as The Third drank their juices down. setting the scene for pale breasts released skyward bitten red and his body, thrusting forth dangerously between the metal teeth of his zipper waiting for her mouth, his hands tangled in her hair, like seaweed in the branches, pressing her inward as she drains his salt across her tongue.Their third took an especially long deep draw on her clit, pulling it extra hard, extra long, extra deeply between wet lips. The thought of this sticky offering being consumed overwhelmed her already charged senses. where else but atop the driftwood, there in the gentle rain.

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