Apple tv photo albums not updating

I hope the developers get things sorted out, because Bundle would otherwise be a terrific app. A longtime favorite of photographers, Flickr was the only way besides i Cloud to view your own photos on previous Apple TVs.Flickr is on the new Apple TV, and the app does a competent job of displaying your photos and photos of those you follow. Alas, the app is identical to the one on the old Apple TV, even down to the Screensaver button, which now just displays an error message.Some have explained this by saying that you don’t want every photo you take to appear on your Apple TV.That’s somewhat true, since many of us take a lot of random photos with our i Phones.Photo Remote’s most interesting feature is that you can use it to take photos and videos, with filters, that then appear directly on your Apple TV.Since Photo Remote doesn’t require a login, anyone in the house can take photos for display on your TV.I can understand an Apple TV app redesign not being high on the Flickr team’s priority list, but the fact that they didn’t even bother removing a non-functional button is disappointing.

For that reason, I can’t yet recommend Bundle for the Apple TV, but the i OS app is fantastic.

You can create new bundles by hand, but the Assistant tab automatically groups related photos together so you can create new bundles with a few taps.

Bundles and individual photos can be shared via a URL, but you can also invite friends and family to your bundle so they can add their own pictures of an event to complete the story. It’s bare bones, simply displaying the bundles and photos within. The main screen showed three bundles: Macworld 2014, Wedding, and a blank Test bundle that I had created and then deleted on my i Phone.

You can also create stories on the Apple TV with the free Photo Remote app for i OS.

Click New Story in the Storehouse Apple TV app, open the Photo Remote app on your i Phone or i Pad, and tap your Apple TV to connect to it.

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