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If I were to an some surgery in february 2012 - would you regard this period favourable taking into account a jupiter positioned in the 6th house solar return? You have to pass the mouse pointer on the picture and you will read in low to the right of the screen the name of the city and of the Russian region that interest you. I remember reading in your book that the money spend when Mars is in Hs 2 can be spent on investment but I'm not sure she'll be happy about that.

Thank you, Mordecai Dear Mordecai, Mars in the second House in the Aimed Solar Return of your friend is not a dangerous position.

I am an astrologer myself and I try to keep myself updated with any valuable astrological information available out there.

The reason I am contacting you is basically a single one: the subject of the Solar's Return Ascendant and its placement in the First House of the natal chart.

The only thing that I can relate with this placement would be the fact that indeed my psychical appearance changed quite a lot.

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I spent my2010 Solar Return in Kyoto, Japan, 135E45 35N09. Sincerely and gratefully, Miss Dear Miss, you were born in Brunei, alive to Kuala Lumpur and you want to go to Bangkok in a few days to spend your birthday, but it is not possible because there you will have the Sun in the first House. "I advices you Jiuquan Gansu Provinces, China with two splendid Jupiter and Venus cusps!!! Venus on the second/third House's cusp protects you for money and for travels.

I could not find any bad things about this placement.

My energy level was high, my health excellent, I was going to the gym, eating healthy foods, rollerskating every day for a few months. It is possible a mourning, with Saturn in the 11^ House of the Aimed Solar Return, but we cannot avoid the mournings. I really appreciate your time and effort in responding to my questions.

Although it is in Italian, I can manage to understand it and I'm very happy to finally get to read an astrological analysis about his life.

My sister has been asking me these days about her next ASR.

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