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I had to see it and, once seen, it became obvious to me.No longer did I dismiss it as a biological artifact, a kind of software that arises in the electrochemical sputterings of the squishyware and cannot run otherwise.So I got married and stayed that way for seventeen years, attempting with some grim success to impose fidelity on myself.It was, I figured, the price I had to pay in return for a good place to raise kids. This breeds superficiality and the appearance of a hunger for conquest.

He has spent 25 years chronicling the history of computing in his Digi Barn Computer Museum and curates archives of counterculture figures such as Dr. He currently serves as Principal Scientist at Digital Space; Associate Researcher in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering at UC Santa Cruz; Associate of the NASA Astrobiology Center; Member of the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life, and Founding Director of the Contact Consortium. These are relationships that have already lasted much longer than most marriages, even though some of them had to endure the hiatus of my own previous monogamies, one imposed by society, the other by what felt like an act of God.

I became someone I couldn’t respect, and so I left my marriage.

Not long after that, I experienced the miracle of voluntary monogamy for one brief and blissful period, during which, at the age of forty-six, I did fall in love for the first time in my life.

Sex is about bodies, and being in VR is like having had your body amputated. ”At this point, a very embodied young woman in the front row raised her beautiful hand. ”“That’s the interesting question, isn’t it.” she smiled, all sphinxy. That was the interesting question alright, and Cynthia, in both the way she inhabited her body and the way she remained after leaving it, answered it for me.

“But don’t you think,” she asked, “that when it comes to sex, the body is just a prosthesis? There is indeed a hand that moves the hand, there is a kiss that lives inside both sets of lips.

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