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" I muttered harshly under my breath as I watched the status of my homeward bound flight change from delayed to canceled. " This last one loud enough to be heard by those around me.Not that they cared, because they were experiencing the same feelings as me. I travel to Denver regularly for work and during this particular week, it was hit by an unexpectedly harsh snow storm.Finally, all characters in this story are of legal age and beyond.Chapter One - Flight Cancelation "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!Neither Kristi nor I knew him previously, but he is a great guy and has many of the same interests as me.While I travel extensively, Derrick works local to the city in which we all live.In truth, Sabrina, who we call Bri, was Kristi's friend. About a year previous, Bri had gone through a messy divorce.My Kristi, already a good friend, had been there for her through it all.

The folks at the front desk can make your life great, or make it less than pleasant. With the travel and room all settled, the only plan in my immediate future involved a lot of beer.

During these thoughts, I had moved to the shuttle area and decided that I'd better start using my brain power for getting to my hotel.

While thinking of the two girls was entertaining, it would just lead me down the path of being hopelessly horny, which wouldn't help me at all in my current predicament.

I dialed my wife, Kristi, to let her know the worst had happened.

Realistically, we had both been mentally preparing for this news for the last few hours.

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