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More than 20 million tuned in for the Hennessys' laugh-free return last week, making it a rare success in a lackluster November.

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Another 59 counties (including Johnson County, the largest county in Kansas and the largest Kansas portion of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area) approved the 1986 amendment but with a requirement that to sell liquor by the drink, an establishment must receive 30% of its gross revenues from food sales.

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From friends: 14% have lied to stop friends from pressuring them to have sex. 21% have been pressured by a girl to go further sexually than they wanted to and 56% often feel relieved when a girl wants to wait to have sex.

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While my lack of Asian family ties/parentage may make me seem like a less-than-ideal candidate to respond to your initial question, I think that it is for that very reason that my insight may prove to be of value.